Crap I’ve started obsessing AGAIN.

How many times can I possibly rewind events in my mind? 

My day was great and super busy.  Worked and ran errands for my Halloween party that I was throwing for a bunch of the kids that live in my property.  Turn out was great, had about 25 kids show up to carve pumpkins, eat pizza and watch a movie.  Reminded myself why I have such a huge respect for teachers and daycare providers!  Thought about going over to a friend’s “adult” Halloween party after but was so burnt out I instead hopped in the shower washed my day away and decided to just relax.

That’s when it started…Well that’s a lie, it did start earlier but the fact that I was busy made it easier to push to the side.  Thoughts if “him” kept creeping into my mind.  This is seriously ridiculous!  I actually went as far as to pull out my damn runes, seriously??     

I went far back tonight with the memories.  You know the really good ones from the beginning giddy state.  Smiling like a damn fool then sad all in the same breath.  Wishing he would call or text then reminding myself the truth of the situation.  Didn’t help that I watched a show on tv that spoke about similar circumstances that had a positive outcome.  TV is the devil I tell you!!

So now here I sit….releasing…IT’S OVER…let it go…let him go. PERIOD WOOOOSAAAAW…that is all.

Just another day in the life of my thoughts…


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